Helping to make your house a home 

The Routine Clean

This service can be selected as a regular cleaning service or you can book us whenever you feel you need us. 
This service includes;

• Dusting and polishing of furniture, mirrors etc

• A general tidy of all rooms

• Vacuuming of all floors and carpets

• Mopping of all applicable floors

• Emptying the bins

• Cleaning of any tiled areas

• Cleaning of the baths, showers and sinks

• Cleaning of the  toilets

• Cleaning of the kitchen surfaces, cupboard doors and appliances

• Making the beds

• Vacuuming any upholstery and/ or polish leather upholstery

• Washing the pots

 We can advise the number of hours needed to clean your home. Please contact us 

 Insufficient time booked, could result in all cleaning not being completed

*We supply all equipment

£15 per hour per cleaner

The Deep Clean

This service includes all of The Routine Clean services as well as;

• Vacuuming/ cleaning under the sofas and furniture (wherever possible)

• Cleaning of all inside windows and UPVC

• Cleaning of interior walls

• Cleaning of interior doors

• Cleaning of exterior doors, inside and out

• Cleaning of lights and lamps

• Cleaning of all indoor bins

• Cleaning of all skirting boards/ mouldings

• Freshen all carpets

• Cleaning of blinds/ freshen curtains

• Cleaning of tops and interiors of kitchen cupboards

• Cleaning of fridge interior

• Deep cleaning of bathrooms, showers and toilets

• Washing of shower curtains 

• Plug hole clearing 

 We can advise on the hours your cleaning should take, please contact us 

*We supply all equipment 

£15 per hour per cleaner

We also offer a bedding change/ launder service, which can be added to your routine clean. Details can be found on our laundry services page.